Ogdensburg NY

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Upcoming Auctions:

Weds. Oct.. 4 @ 10 am
St. Lawrance storage 1.1 miles from my auction house
Lisbon Canton road Rt. 68.
storage lien 4 units more or less
Weds. Oct.. 4 @ noon
Ogdensburg, NY @ Chappy's Place
5763 Canton road Rt. 68.
antiques, tools, household & collectibles

Updated: 9/19/2017

Sorry at this time Iím not intending on doing any pickups. Quality items can still be brought to my auction house for consignment on any Tuesday from 10am-4pm. Please no consignment with total value under $100. Commission rates are 20% all items that bring over $25 and 35% items bringing under $25. Big ticket items are negotiable. { no a $100 item is not a big ticket item } I send payment for your items 10 business days after they are sold. I donít take consignments with reserve on minimum starting bids. Certain limited times of the year { no Lewis county in winter }I maybe able to drop a cargo trailer for you to load for the right high quality merchandise {several thousands dollars of merch. } U-Haul has very reasonable rates. I very rarely do onsite auction most the time there is not enough, for me you would have to have at least $15,000 worth and I do not sell real estate. Please call or e-mail a week in advance if you might need help unloading anything real heavy. I prefer emails. Below is a short list of items Iím not going to take: your garage sale left over box lots junk you couldnít sell, upholstered furniture w/stain or damage, printers, scanners, fax machines, bowling balls, Christmas trees {aluminum ones are ok} organs, pianos, cardboard or chip board furniture, magazines { clean & fresh to market pre 1970ís ok} books {no readers digest or National Geographic's} modern flat screen Tvís only, P.S. This is just a partial list Iím sure more will be added, { if it looks like junk, or smells like junk, it probably is junk.} If any of the above mention is found to be left from your consignment you will be charged a dump fee.

10 am storage auction::
Sign in at 9:15 to 9:45 am at my auction house or 9:30 till 10 am at storage auction location. Contents 4 units or more or less. Located on Rt. 68 towards Canton 1.1 miles from my auction house. The sole purpose of this auction is to clean each unit of its contents so it may be rented again. You are not allowed to enter or touch anything in unit before or when bidding. You can only go by what you can see by standing in front of the open doorway. A $ 100 deposit is required after a unit is purchased and will be refunded if the unit is cleaned { 3 business day clean out time } if a unit is not cleaned you will lose your deposit { you buy a unit you must take it all or you will not be allowed to attend any of my future storage auctions} Terms are cash only & nothing removed until paid for. A 10% buyers premium will apply. -all items sold as is with no returns -subject to errors & omissions PSĖ pallets stay they are Toms !!!!!


furniture ::


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10% Buyers Premium -------- Mailing address : PO box 3 Alexandria Bay, NY 13607
Auctions by Chappy
Ray Chapman - owner & auctioneer
10% Buyers Premium

Auctioneers note: bring a friend w/a big truck or bring your friend's truck.

cash or good pre-approved check, all items sold as is with no returns -subject to errors & omissions 10% buyers premium.