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Upcoming Auctions:

Fri. July 20 @ 1 pm
Cerow recreation park arena
Clayton, NY
annual decoy auction @ TI decoy show
Weds. August 8 @ noon
Ogdensburg, NY @ Chappy's Place
5763 Canton road Rt. 68.
antiques, tools, household & collectibles

Updated: 7/15/2018

Sorry at this time Iím not intending on doing any pickups. Quality items can still be brought to my auction house for consignment on any Tuesday from 10am-4pm. Please no consignment with total value under $100. Commission rates are 20% all items that bring over $25 and 35% items bringing under $25. Big ticket items are negotiable. { no a $100 item is not a big ticket item } I send payment for your items 10 business days after they are sold. I donít take consignments with reserve on minimum starting bids. Certain limited times of the year { no Lewis county in winter }I maybe able to drop a cargo trailer for you to load for the right high quality merchandise {several thousands dollars of merch. } U-Haul has very reasonable rates. I very rarely do onsite auction most the time there is not enough, for me you would have to have at least $15,000 worth and I do not sell real estate. Please call or e-mail a week in advance if you might need help unloading anything real heavy. I prefer emails. Below is a short list of items Iím not going to take: your garage sale left over box lots junk you couldnít sell, upholstered furniture w/stain or damage, printers, scanners, fax machines, bowling balls, Christmas trees {aluminum ones are ok} organs, pianos, cardboard or chip board furniture, magazines { clean & fresh to market pre 1970ís ok} books {no readers digest or National Geographic's} modern flat screen Tvís only, P.S. This is just a partial list Iím sure more will be added, { if it looks like junk, or smells like junk, it probably is junk.} If any of the above mention is found to be left from your consignment you will be charged a dump fee.

Auctionís by Chappy ---- Friday July 20 at 1 pm. with decoys/wildlife art & hunting/fishing collectibles at Cerow recreation park arena Clayton, located at 615 East Line Road. This auction is part of the annual Decoy/Wildlife Art & Sporting collectible show by the Thousand Island museum w/auction preview at 11 am. Friday, decoys, wildlife art work, fishing items, books, 1000 Island items, expect surprise items arriving set up day & auction day will not get pics. or listing. Over 200 items already consigned to be pictured & listed soon!!! Auctions by Chappy Order of sale decoys July 20 page #1 Please preview before you bid. This is just a list of the order of sale to help w/the pace of the auction. Iím sure all names & descriptions will not all be correct, if I call it red & you think itís blue, your probably right, buy it for blue, make you own notes!!! All items are sold as is w/no returns & remember the 10% buyers premium when bidding. Bid high & often!!! Sale starts w/table of unlisted items {they have letters A-Z} make your own notes!!!!!! 1. Robert Baitman 599/950 2. Glenn Sweet Wood Duck 3. Choice of 2 Bluebills Hollow 4. 1000 Island Paddle 5. Choice of 2 Drake Goldeneye 6. Hen Goldeneye 7. Ducks Unlimited Redhead 8. Ducks Unlimited Canada Goose 9. Decoy Attrib. to Weese 10. Choice of 2 Roger Tory Peterson Prints 11. Victor Drake Goldeneye 12. Choice of 3 Doves 13. Choice of 2 Decoys attrib. to Clovis LeFebvre 14. Attrib. to Roy Apple 15. Choice of 3 Doves 16. Original Paint Alex Bay bird 17. Choice of 2 Shorebirds 18. Ralph Malpage Mallard 19. Choice of 2 Goldeneye 20. Chickadee Print 21. Choice of 2 Doves 22. Attrib. to Frank Capron 23. Attrib. to Frank Coombs 24. Choice of 3 Shorebirds 25. Choice of 2 Coot birds Arton 26. Redhead Alex Bay 27. Choice of 2 Doves Steve C. Merritt 28. Choice of 2 Wheelers 29. Choice of 2 Grebes Meincke 30. Seagull Print D. Whitlatch 31. Choice of 4 Shorebirds 32. Choice of 2 Alex Bay Attrib. to A. R. Roger Sr. 33. Choice of 3 Doves 34. Choice of 3 Unknown 35. Double Dove 36. Don Wolfe Bluebill 37. Choice of 3 Primitive Shorebirds 38. Alex Bay Hen Goldeneye 39. Choice of 3 Shorebirds 40. Bobwhite Quail Print D. Whitlatch 41. Attrib. to Patterson 42. Choice of 3 Doves 43. Alex Bay Bluebill 44. Choice of 2 Coots S. J. Torres 45. Choice of 3 Shorebirds 46. Choice of 3 Alex Bay Bluebills 47. Choice of 3 Shorebirds 48. Choice of 2 Decoys Attrib. to Clovis LeFebvre 49. Choice of 2 Doves 50. Hen Canvasback Print 51. Decoys Unlimited Canvasback 52. Miniature Goose Repaired Leg 53. Ralph Malpage Hen Bluebill 54. Choice of 3 Shorebirds 55. Pair of Canvasbacks Wildflower Decoys 56. Footed Mallard Signed 57. Brant Wildflower Decoys 58. Double Dove 59. Pair of Canvasbacks Pesavento 60. Snowy Owl Print D. Whitlatch 61. Choice of 3 Shorebirds 62. Brant 63. Pair of Goldeneye E. Oulmet 64. Jobes Canvasback 65. Choice of 2 Shorebirds 66. Pair of Buffleheads by Garton 67. Black Duck signed 68. Choice of 3 Coots 69. Choice of 4 Factory birds 70. Choice of 3 Songbird Prints 71. Choice of 3 Puffins 72. Pair of Pintails 73. Meadowlark Print Don Whitlatch 74. Choice of 3 Coot 75. Seagull R.G. Meincke 76. New Jersey Style Black Duck 77. Choice of 2 Decoy books 78. Mother of Pearl Lures 79. Choice of 4 Wooden Fishing Rods 80. Early Tin Tackle box w/Skinner lures 81. Choice of 3 Shoebirds 82. Choice of 3 Wood ducks 83. Choice of 2 Decoy books 84. Atlantic Brant Print Don Whitlatch 85. Redhead attrib. to Harvey Barker 86. Choice of 2 Doves 1 with broken beak 87. Canvasback Evans 88. Duck on a stick 89. Herters 90. Canvasback 91. Brant 92. Killdeer 93. Eagle 94. mini Swan 95. Choice of 3 Boards of Lures 96. Bufflehead Print Campbell 97. Choice of 2 Drake Canvasbacks LeMaster 98. Choice of 2 Shorebirds 99. Choice of 2 Capt. Harry Jobes 100. Eider W. Eugene Foor 101. Choice of 4 Shorebirds 102. Herters Coot 103. Teal Garton 104. Turn J. Silcski 105. Choice of 3 Drake Buffleheads 106. Canvasback 107. Canvas Coot 108. Woodcock Bird 109. Miniature Loon 110. Canvasback 111. Goose print William Reed Taylor 112. Ring bill S.J. Torres 113. Coot Howard Reynolds 114. Choice of 3 Shorebirds 115.Ducks Unlimited Bufflehead 116. Choice of 2 Coot 117. Canvasback 118. Black Duck 119. Bufflehead 120. Choice of 3 Hen Pin tail, Redhead, Black Duck 121. Bufflehead 122. Coot 123. Hollow Black Duck 124. Art LaMay Goose Print 125. Grebe 126. Drake Canvasback 127. Bufflehead 128. Miniature Teal 129. Shorebird 130. Wood Duck 131. Ruddy Duck 132. Bufflehead 133. Ruddy Duck 134. Canvasback 135. Shoveler 136. Bufflehead 137. Coot 138. Richard Timm Goose Print 139. Choice 2 Coot 140. Hen Pintail 141. Hollow Redhead 142. Hanging Morning Dove 143. Miniature Goose-Crack in beak 144. Miniature Turkey 145. Choice of 2 Shorebirds 146. Hollow Teal 147. Choice of 2 Songbirds 148. Hollow Pair of Mallards 149. Choice of 2 Mini Geese Bob Jobes 150. Choice of 2 Mini Canvasback or Mallard Bob Jobes 151. Mini Shorebird W.S. Johnson 152. Choice of 2 Mini Swan or Goose W.S. Johnson 153. Pair of Bufflehead W.S. Johnson 154. Mini Mallard W.S. Johnson 155. Factory Pintail 156. Goldeneye Clovis LeFebvre 157. Merganser 158. Goose 159. Pair of Buffleheads W.S. Johnson 160. Shorebird by Bieber 161. Pair of Teal 162. Canvasback 163. Mallard 164. Bluebill 165. Choice of 3 Brant Hollow 166. Bufflehead W.S. Johnson 167. Whittled Dove Wayne H. Boblem 168. Merganser 169. Pintail Hollow 170. Canvasback 171. Mallard 172. Redhead 173. Drake Bluebill Ken Harris 174. Pair of snowshoes 175. Ken Harris Decoy 176. Black Duck 177. Roy Conklin 178. Decoy with carving 179. Mallard William Towner 180. Delaware Decoy Sign 181. Choice of 3 Black Ducks 182. Redhead 183. Choice of 3 Bluebills 184. Hollow Duck 185. Crow 186. Loon 187. Boat Light 188. Pair of miniature snowshoes 189. Creel 190. Walleye Fish mount If you have quality consignments for this auction please contact me by e-mail Terms: 10% Buyers Premium cash, good check, credit cards all items sold as is with no returns. Show hrs. are Fri. 9 am -6 pm Sat. 9 am-4 pm


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Auctions by Chappy
Ray Chapman - owner & auctioneer
10% Buyers Premium

It is my policy !! written left bids or phone bids are only accepted if you or associate have viewed item in person. You must make arrangements to pickup I do not ship.

Auctioneers note: bring a friend w/a big truck or bring your friend's truck.It is my policy !! written left bids or phone bids are only accepted if you or associate have viewed item in person. You must make arrangements to pickup I do not ship.

cash, credit cards or good pre-approved check, all items sold as is with no returns -subject to errors & omissions 10% buyers premium.